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Work Together With Me Programs

When health and vitality are intact we thrive on all levels:  physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.


14 week bio-individual 1-1 Coaching Program
(does not include lab fees or supplements)

  • 14  week supportive coaching program

  • 90 minute Initial Consultation in person or via Zoom to review health history (paperwork to be filled out ahead of session), discuss goals, food log review, lab results information provided if available or at later session.

  • Develope a whole food wellness plan & protocol - supportive supplements

  • System Body Burden Questionnaire reviewed + food & mood journals 

  • Weekly coaching calls (30 minutes) 

  • Digestive and Blood Sugar reset and balancing prioritized 

  • Follow up lab work session if needed

  • Text or email message support for quick questions

  • Education support material, meal plan support, recipes, and guidance

  • 15% off wellness supplements from dispensary 

  • This program combines holistic nutrition support laid out for your individual nutritional needs. Health coaching with accountability and support during the lifestyle change process. Best for clients new to wanting to change the way they eat, need guidance and support with health related goals, needing a change in the healthcare traditional process, have weight-loss goals, or those needing additional support through the behavior change process.


The 90 minute Nutrition Coaching Session only $189 90 minute Initial Consultation (In person or Zoom) Session to discuss goals, lab results, and have wellness plan laid out Health history, food log and System Body Burden Questionnaire Health plan includes supportive foods & supplements $49-79 follow-up sessions, booked as needed

This program is ideal for the rule follower who Is no stranger to implementing change when given guidance and protocol

ONLY $189

The 90 minute Nutrition Coaching Session 

90 minute Initial Consultation (In person or Zoom) Session to discuss goals, lab results, and have wellness plan laid out Health history, food log and System Body Burden Questionnaire Health plan includes supportive foods & supplements $89 follow-up sessions, booked as needed.



Group Program -
The Body Reset Program

16 Week Program


Food Flow Foundations to Creating the structures in your life for deep

nourishment and cultivating a meaningful relationship with your body's

language of symptoms. Taking Charge of Your Body + Life

Functional empowerment techniques to improve digestion, calm sugar

cravings, reduce stress and detoxify your life. Diversify Your Diet Our bodies and brains thrive on a diversity of nutrients

and fiber. Have fun experimenting with these nutrient-dense superfoods, and

investigate which Wiggle Room Foods are right for you.


 • Module 1: Introduction to The Transformative Power of Nourish + Flow

Transition into The Nourish + Flow Experience. What to expect and how it works.


• Module 2: Connecting with Your Symptoms

Symptom survey to help understand your starting point.


• Module 3: Envisioning a Well-Stocked Kitchen

We begin our exploration of how to prepare your kitchen + pantry for flow.

Talk about what a well-stocked kitchen looks like. Clean, organized and full

of nourishing, wholesome food! 


• Module 4: Preparing Your Kitchen for Flow

Stock your pantry with food that nourishes. Learn about where to buy it and

what to do with it. A well-stocked kitchen is your first step in accessing real

nourishment and food flow. 


• Module 5: Weekly Food Flow

This week we will have fun with figuring out what to do with all that gorgeous

food you have brought into your home! Carve out the time you need to



• Module 6: Hydrate for Health

 Learn how much water to drink, symptoms of dehydration how to improve your

hydration. Hydrate + Flow!​


• Module 7: Superfoods

Diversifying your diet means to take a good look at what you are eating,

and make a commitment to try all kinds of glorious, delicious, nutritious new



• Module 8: Wiggle Room Foods

Wiggle Room Foods are wholesome real foods but come with important

caveats. Learn to fine-tune your nourishment and food flow.


Module 9: Stress Management

Identify your sources of stress and create strategies to reduce and eliminate

them. Stress can be physical, mental, spiritual or emotional.


Module 10: Improve Digestion

You've diversified your diet. Now let's make sure you are digesting and

benefiting from those beautiful, life-saving nutrients.


Module 11: Sugar + Binge Eating

Stress and sugar are so inherently connected, it's impossible to fix one without

fixing the other. Sugar is a form of stress for the body. And stress of any sort

activates the sugar response.


Module 12: Detoxify Your Life

Learn to detoxify your bath, body, garden and home cleaning routine for

optimal flow,


This program is for you if:

  • You lost your way  with healthy habits and need to hit the reset button

  • Struggle with sugar cravings and can’t imagine a day without something sweet and or see your A1C creeping higher

  • You want to lose some weight in a sustainable way

  • Hate counting calories

  • Have low  energy and or mid afternoon slumps

  • you feel bloated all of the time and can’t wait to unbutton your jeans

  • You want to eat better, but don’t know where to start

  • You crave bread / pasta / alcohol or starchy stuff in general

  • You want to kickstart a long term lifestyle change

  • You don’t sleep well or wake up not feeling rested

  • Have mysterious digestive issues you’d like to resolve

  • Body aches and pains all the time and inflammation


28 Day Transformation Program


Includes a 40 minute coaching session with me

This Four Week Program is going to be filled with new experiences and self-discovery. This Challenge was created to help you reach your goals with intention. By following this Plan, you will boost your metabolism, eliminate sugar cravings, & rid your body of unwanted weight! The benefits of this eating strategy stretch far beyond fat loss. You’ll be eating a LOT of delicious  food + recipes that are loaded with energy-boosting, nutritious, and healing properties.


10 & 21 Day Purification Detox Programs are offered - Complete with products, educational material, recipes and support. 


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